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    Nurture Success Verification

    Erik Eaton

      Hey team,


      Want to verify that this nurture success flow is correct (need someone to bounce the idea off of).


      To define success we want to ensure that the person or lead has at least clicked on two separate links and opened at least two emails within the engagement program. Below is a screenshot.


      Thanks in advance!


      Trigger Campaign.png

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          JD Nelson

          this, as is, can be triggered if one person clicked the same link twice (not what you're looking for). I think it'll need to be built out a bit deeper.

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            JD Nelson

            I can't think of a good way other than creating a SC for each email and ANOTHER set of SCs for each link IN each email (can be a lot if you track multiple links per email). Then allow the person to only run through each SC once (preventing opening and clicking the same email & link combo from firing success). The flow step would be 'change score' and have a Nurture Score field created so each time there's +1. Then trigger a master SC to check for score when it reaches 4 and then trigger.

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              Macarena Mazzeo

              Hi Erik,


              I agree with Nelson. Another thing I would suggest is to be very careful with the use you make of Advanced Filters (they are not shown in the screenshot). When using Triggers they work a bit differently.