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Data Normalization set up

Question asked by Yun Bai on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by JD Nelson

Hello Marketo Experts,


This story began with Marketo warning messages from Notification tab that shows leads won't able to sync to SFDC because of: no country, invalid country, no lead source etc.


Here I am trying to set up SCs to capture bad data that unable sync lead to SFDC. After captured bad data, I will also need to set up SCs to fix or prevent those issues happen. I am thinking that will either set up batch campaigns and schedule a run time (weekly or so), or create smart lists to generate leads who match the criteria. However, I've been debating which approach would be better to use. If I use Smart Lists, I will have less assets to create, seems simple and easy. While, if I set up batch campaigns, I will need to create SCs, static lists, so more assets will be created which will occupy space in Marketo.


I did searched for similar topics in the community first. However, I still wasn't sure if both approach will get the same results, or one is better/more accurate that the other one. What would you suggest or to do? Please also suggest or share any data normalization you may know:)


This is my smart lists looks like:

No Country:

No Email address




Thank you in advance,