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    Email Invalid and/or Email Bounced

      Our Marketo is connected to a Salesforce instance and originally we were syncing over data from Email Bounced but got a lot of feedback from our users that the information wasn't correct, that the email address was fine, etc.

      In response, I looked into Email Invalid and began syncing that data over.

      Now, my question is does it make sense to essentially ignore the Email Bounced data relying fully on the Email Invalid field or does this leave us opem to miss something?
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          Hi Lauren,
          just to make this clear, when you are talking about bounces: There are soft and hard bounces, and email invalid will just show the case that there is a hard bounce with an invalid email.
          When you think that will give you a benefit, it's your decision.

          Best regards

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            Dory Viscogliosi
            Lauren, you might find that your users can email a person and it doesn't bounce, but that Marketo emails will bounce (for a number of reasons, shared IP, blocked IP by the recipient since it's different from your company IP, etc)... The information might not be correct from their experience, but it is correct from Marketo's experience. Maybe it's just a matter of explaining that this is the Marketo status for emails?

            Personally, we find this information to be useful because we send emails that our Account Managers want or need to know if the client received. It's also nice to know if a prospect won't receive our marketing outreach. Additionally, if there are repetitive bounces, maybe it's because the person has left the organization or changed their email. There are a lot of different reasons why an email might bounce (hard or soft). You might review this thread where I linked to another thread regarding bounce info.
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              HI Lauren-

              I created a wait step in my SFDC sync campaigns and added the filter "Email Invalid- False." Since they were all new leads that had gotten an auto-response - adding the wait step cleared out the 'hard bounces.'

              Soft bounces still sync over and I have educated my sales team that they should try and resend those at least once. I have found that soft bounces do end up getting delivered 30% of the time.

              Good luck!
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                Thanks everyone for the feedback. Going to take this information back to the team and imagine we'll show both Email Bounces and Email Invalid but ensure we are clear to our users what that means exactly.