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    General Marketo & Salesforce Support & Training Consultant

      1 / Current Business Context
      Orbital Insight would like to have a contract resource to help it administer Marketo and Salesforce. Ideally, the contractor will be certified in both Marketo and Salesforce.

      2 / Resource Requirements
      - Marketo Certified (Must have)
      - Salesforce Certified (Nice to have, knowledge of how SFDC integrates with MKTO is required)
      - HTML, CSS and Javascript proficiency as it relates to Marketo
      - Available during PST working hours (8a - 6p) for meetings and calls
      - Has their own software, hardware and internet connection on which to work
      - Is able to attend remote or in person meetings as needed
      - Is willing and able to sign a non-disclosure agreement and keep sensitive information confidential


      3 / Specific Resource Goals
      - Complete assigned projects with little direction
      - Help Orbital Insight execute on its sales and marketing efforts as it relates to Marketo and Salesforce


      5 / Use Cases (if applicable)
      - Create and implement a subscription preference center in Marketo
      - Update lead routing rules in Salesforce as needed
      - Create, edit and maintain nurture programs within Marketo
      - Train the individuals or teams on creating campaigns in Marketo, reporting or any other application areas as needed
      - Recommend how to best maintain, update, and use data) in Marketo and Salesforce
      - Report on the effectiveness of sales and marketing activities


      6 / Target Audiences (if applicable)
      This role will primarily collaborate with the marketing team, but will also coordinate with the sales team to ensure data is properly flowing from Marketo to Salesforce and vice versa.


      7 / Inputs
      - Admin user accounts with both Marketo and Salesforce
      - Access to an Orbital Insight Google account (Email, Docs, etc.)
      - Access to Orbital Insight’s Slack workspace
      - Access to Orbital Insight’s Confluence workspace


      8 / Deliverables
      - Ongoing marketing team support for its various campaigns
      - Ongoing sales team support to ensure there proper coordination between marketing and sales systems


        • Project Type: Ongoing project


      Please answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:

      1. Are you Marketo Certified? If so, how many projects have you successfully completed? What was the scope of those projects?
      2. Are you Salesforce Certified? If so, how many projects have you successfully completed? What was the scope of those projects?


      Please send any applications to jonathan.chang@orbitalinsight.com.