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2018 HOU MUG Changes

Discussion created by Amanda Thomas Champion on Jan 3, 2018
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Happy New Year Houston User Group! I hope you all had a great holiday season. I'm so excited to implement a few new things this year. A list is below of some things to look forward to! First, I'd like to introduce our new Houston Marketo User Group Co-Leader Kim Gandy! Kim is THE Digital Marketing Gal. She runs the Marketo implementation, execution, maintenance, and reporting for Hart Energy. She always adds great contributions to our open discussions during our MUG meetings. Please join me in welcoming her as our Co-Leader and be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn!


Next, I'd like to tackle #1 on the list below. I bet we can accommodate more users if we play a bit with time and space. If you have an office space available for February 15th, please contact me.

Mtackle #1 New Meeting Spaces.


2018 New Things Houston User Group

#1 New Meeting Spaces & Times: We'd like to switch up our meeting space and meeting times in order to accommodate users from all across Houston. If you have a space that's available, please contact me.

#2 MUG Office Hours: Twice a month we'll be online to take questions, give advice, and help you tackle whatever you're trying to execute! Start date TBD.

#3 More Sponsors: We're looking to get our eyes on more new technologies, and a great way of doing this is having those companies sponsor our meetings!

#4 More Fun: Looking to set up some time to have fun outside of MUG meetings. Some things we're considering: happy hour, dinners, and volunteering.