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Annual Marketo Program and SFDC Campaign - Best Practices?

Question asked by Eunice Leung on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by Kevin McMahon

Hi -


We have 10 media campaigns in 2017 and each has a Marketo program built specifically to track acquisition and engagement. Each of the program has a specific SFDC campaign associated in the setting summary. Moving into 2018, we will continue to have the same media programs but I would like to track 2018 lead gen separately. So I keep the 10 media programs in Marketo, cloned the 10 SFDC campaigns to create 10 SFDC 2018 campaigns.

But I realized by simply replacing the 2017 SFDC campaign association in the program setting summary, I will basically add all 2017 program members in the media programs to the 2018 SFDC campaign.


I am afraid by just adding a flow step to associate members in the program flow step (rather than in the campaign setting summary) will miss the summary details.

Do I need to clone the 2017 media programs in Marketo and create 2018 ones for this purpose?

Any best practices you could share?


Thank you very much,