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Program Setup for Gated Content hosted on Web Pages

Question asked by Michelle Cornely on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by Michelle Cornely

Hi everyone,


We are trying to set up Gated Content programs and can't figure out an efficient way to track the sources. Our gated content is not hosted on Marketo landing pages, they are hosted on our website. We came up with two options that aren't ideal. Hoping to hear other ideas..


Option 1:

We were thinking of using URL parameters to populate a hidden field that indicates the source. We'd use that field to add members to a Gated Content program. Doing it this way, we'd have to create a different program for each source. We use and recycle content often, so we'd wind up having a ton of programs for one piece of content.


Option 2:

We also considered adding the different sources as steps in the program status. So one piece of content would have just one program, with the progression steps being the sources. Example: "Converted- social", "converted-seo", "converted-nurture track1", etc. These would all be marked as successes in the program.


Both seem less than ideal, does anyone have a solution they've used or an idea on making this easy?