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How to leverage Out of Office extracted leads?

Question asked by db5ae515f6bdabe1be82efa63e5723283aed0ab4 on Jan 2, 2018
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I’m receiving, as you are, a lot of Out of Office emails (OOO) from my email campaigns. In these OOO emails, we can get a ton of qualified leads (please find my new email address, contact my colleague during my holidays, etc..).


So I decided to run an email extractor from my Outlook mailbox to get these email addresses, based on the fields “From”, “To”, “CC”, but also the body of emails which is far more interesting. The extract generated around 24k email addresses.


After cleaning the extract with keywords like role-based email addresses (example, spam traps, etc, I got around 19k qualified email addresses. Not so bad even if I think around 50% of these email addresses should be already in my database.


The questions are:

  • How to leverage these leads through Marketo?
  • How to import properly the extract? Should I? Should I test it before with free email services like MailChimp?
  • Which channel / source / success should be used to have metrics then?


Feel free to add any concerns that I might have forgotten or should think about it.