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    Email Not Sending to Entire Smart List

    Ann Ehnert

      I scheduled an email to go out to a smart list that contained over 2K members on a day where no other emails would go out, so it's not a capping problem. When I went to check the email analytics, it said the email only sent to 2 people. However, when I re-check the smart list, it still contains over 2K users. How come the email did not send to the entire list?




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          Dan Stevens.

          Some things to remember:

          • Complete email reporting could take some time (hours, even a day) after the initial send
          • Communication limits - which affect # per day; # per week could be affecting this
          • On your Schedule tab, how many people qualify for this; and how many people are blocked?


          If you can post some screenshots of the smart list and schedule tabs, it would be easier to diagnose.

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            Keith Nyberg

            Another good approach is to build a smartlist of those in your target smart list but were not sent the email in question. From there you can go into the audit log to verify the campaign was triggered and see any warnings or reasons why the mail was not sent if attempted. If the email or smart campaign are not in your activity log at all, it could be that the target smart list was changed after the campaign was run (at the time is was run the filters were 2 people, but once changed post send, shows 2k). Hope that makes sense! Happy troubleshooting.

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              Keith Nyberg

              Forgot to mention you should also be able to go to the results tab is its a smart campaign to see who was included in the run and the outcome.


              If it was an email  program you can still find the hidden smart campaign by finding the send in the activity log of a person that received the email. Click the hyperlink in the activity log for that line and it will take you to the behind the scenes smart campaign that executed the email send. From there you can review results in the tab at the top as usual to see who was included and what the outcome was.

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                Ryan Dee

                I ran into the same problem recently.  By digging into the system as the posters above have suggested, I found that in every case, the cause of the "failed" send was a soft bounce - with the reason being "user aborted program".


                In my case, when you use the email program to execute an email send, especially if you have the regional time zone or head start option checked, and have started the program running , i.e. approved the program, any change you make to the smart list will cause the email send to "fail".  The send doesn't actually "fail" as if the email doesn't get sent or delivered (such as the case of an invalid email), the send "fails" because there was a change to some part of the program after the emails have been queued for delivery.  What is happening in the background (I suspect) is that the emails are lined up and ready to go, but the designated delivery time has not come.  In this case, the emails are just sitting and waiting, but Marketo sees this as the email already gone out.  Thus, once a change is made, Marketo thinks you are trying to send the exact same email to the same smart list that already received the original email.  Remember, the system does not allow you to resend an email to someone who has already received that same email (unless of course you override this).

                The only ones that will survive the process and actually get sent out are the members who had not yet been processed by Marketo before the change was made.


                Two lessons learned:

                1. Create your smart list as an asset outside of the email send program, then use the filter "member of smart list" in the smart list of the email send program.  This way, you can make a change to the external smart list, but not the email program's smart list.

                2. Once you approve the email send program - don't touch it!  Unless you want the email to not send at all, i.e. you are truly aborting the entire send program, do not stop or change the email send program once it starts running.

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