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    Companyname token without url

    Netali Jakubovitz

      is there a way to remove the URL of the populated token (company name) without velocity?

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          Sydney Mulligan

          Hey Netali,


          I think I need more information. The {{company.Company Name}} token does not by default have a URL in it, so it may be an issue specific to how that data is populated in your CRM.

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            Sanford Whiteman

            Also, Netali, let's continue on this thread (I also responded to your question on the other post).


            Like I said there and Sydney echoes here, the Company Name doesn't usually have a URL, but if you have URLs -- or any text content -- that you need to strip out/reformat, there are only 2 options:


            • Velocity, which can do any changes on-the-fly in an outbound email, but doesn't permanently alter the underlying field content.
            • A webhook-based scripting engine, which can permanently modify/normalize field content.
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