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    Preventing a specific piece of content from appearing in emails, Content AI

    Matt Tonkin

      I'm fairly new to Content AI I have a question about the functionality in emails. Here is this situation:


      Let's say we have 100 blog articles approved for Content AI email. We want to send an email that has 1 specific article (which is also in the approved Content AI) as the main article, with a small synopsis. Then below that we want 3 addition Content AI generated articles to show.

      My question is this: Since the primary article for the email isn't being generated by Content AI, is there a way to prevent it also being shown as one of the 3 Content AI generated posts. Does Marketo take blog links in emails into account when generating content.



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          JD Nelson

          I'm not sure there's an answer to this -- but I'm interested to follow this thread to see if someone comes up with a solution.


          Something you could do, but I'm not sure how scalable or long-term manageable it is, would be to micro-define your content categories. For instance, let's say you are promoting Content A --

          Email 1 doesn't reference Content A, so you can leave your Categories as ALL.

          Email 2 references Content A. In ContentAI you mark Content A as "Category 1" and all of the other content "Category 2". Then in your email when you insert ContentAI you select a category of "Category 2"


          As I mentioned, this won't solve your problem long term, but if you need to get an email out that will occasionally by included in ContentAI, then this would be a feasible hack.