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    Same CNAME?

    Lisa Heay

      We're moving a client from Pardot to Marketo, and they'd like to know if they can use the same CNAME they've been using for their Pardot landing pages for Marketo LPs - "go.companyname.com".  There will be about a two month overlap where they will have both Marketo active (for set up) and Pardot running until our hard cutover from one system to the other.  I think the answer is no, but wanted to confirm that before I mis-speak with the client.  Thank you! 

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          Sanford Whiteman

          It is not possible to have the same CNAME point to two different servers.


          The only way it's possible to serve pages from 2 different origins via the same hostname is if you point the CNAME to a CDN (or, generally speaking, a reverse proxy) and enforce a naming convention so a URL is explicitly tied to one server or the other, e.g. Marketo pages always start with mk_.