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Marketo Landing Pages & Forms vs Non-Marketo Landing Pages

Question asked by 7f793fa824fee37797c6ddb2f250c2982114e7a9 on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by Steven Vanderberg

Currently, we host our landing pages for gated content on wordpress and use an embedded Marketo form. We are looking into changing this approach but I want to be sure to understand a few things:


  1. The only time prefill on a form will work is if it is part of a Marketo free form or guided landing page, not if you use the embed code correct? However, progressive profiling works either way?
  2. What is the benefit of using Marketo landing pages as opposed to hosting them on our website (aside from above)?
  3. If we choose to use a landing page that isn't hosted on our cms, is setting up a redirect on our website the best way to direct users to this landing page?
  4. All of the gated content on our website uses a marketo embedded form hosted on a cms landing page. In Marketo, we have separate web content programs and local forms for each piece of gated content despite the forms having the same design and fields. When making a mass change to our download forms, I have to update each form individually which is very annoying but if we just use one universal web content form hosted in the design studio that we embed onto our cms landing pages, how does Marketo determine which piece of content to send if the form isn't specific to the web content program?