Christopher Laver

Smart list filters with multiple values look as if they've only got 1 value in them

Discussion created by Christopher Laver on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by Christina Zuniga

Since the Q4 update, has anyone else noticed that Smart List filters with multiple values in them, don't look like they've got multiple values in them - it just looks like there's one value in there - the first one in the list.


It's still functioning correctly and all values are still accepted but it does make things unnerving as it doesn't look right.



This Smart List filter looks like it only has one value there:

However, there are actually 19 filters there, which can be seeking by opening it up or hovering over it:


Usually it should have the number of values in brackets before showing the list of other values.


The issue seems to be applying to some but not all trigger filters as well.


Has anyone else noticed this? I've seen this happening across multiple instances