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Removing streams with members and changing stream content

Question asked by e662e2b2b014e8979eca3ea93f7722c7fc71f537 on Dec 20, 2017

Hi there,


We would like to remove a couple of stream columns - they currently have 'exhausted' members but we would like these members to rejoin the previous stream. The streams that we would like to delete do not have any content in them and we have removed the transitions.


How do we delete these streams? When we click delete it says the stream contains people that must be moved before deleting - how do we move them?


My next question is regarding replacing existing content in our streams (the active streams we want to keep). We want to delete the content in our current stream and replace it with new emails we have created and approved. We only want these emails to go to any new leads and we do not want it to be sent to any existing leads in that stream - is this possible?


Thanks for your help.