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How to break the link between a Marketo lead and a SFDC ID

Question asked by Eva Yu on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by Eva Yu

We recently encountered a problem with SFDC sync. A batch of leads were deleted from SFDC and the deletion action was not synced to Marketo. So Marketo still thinks those leads exist in SFDC and tries to sync update, then we got a lot of sync errors like: Failed: cannot retrieve values from sfdc Id 0036F00002Ca9QjQAJ.


We are unable to identify the source of the SFDC deletion action, but would like to recover those leads. They have been deleted for too long and we cannot recover from recycle bin. And as long as they are associated with a SFDC ID in Marketo, they will not be successfully synced ever. It seems to me the only way it to break the link between those leads and their SFDC ID. The SFDC ID field is not editable in Marketo and invisible in SFDC lead profile.


Anyone had experience with this? Or any other ways to fix the issue are greatly appreciated!