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Creating a simple quiz using forms / landing pages

Question asked by David Jackman on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by David Jackman

Hi all,


I'm trying to create a simple multiple choice quiz using radio buttons, directing the user to different "thank you" landing pages that will display their score on each page. I also want to be able to capture email address into our database in with the same page (which should not be an issue), however, I'm running into a wall. I know there are 3rd party quiz programs that can be integrated into Marketo, but just wanted to see options before considering a purchase. My attempt went like this:


1. Created form with the questions / answers as values.

2.  Created thank you pages with different percentage scores (100% correct, 50% correct, and on and on..)

3.  Created initial landing page where quiz is viewed, and added the form to the landing page.

4. Went into the form, went to form settings, settings..

5. Under Thank You Page settings, I hit "add choice" for which Thank You landing page to send the person to depending on what they clicked.

... However, here's where my problem lies. As the logic of a quiz would go, I wanted to send the user to different landing pages for each combination of answers they chose. Unless I'm not seeing something, it looks like that's not an option. You can keep hitting "add choice", but it only gives you the option to send the user to a different landing page for each answer rather than a combination of answers, if that makes sense?


... The other option I thought of was to create a campaign to do this, but realized you can't set up a flow to trigger landing page URLS.. or can you? And if so, how would I pull the values from the form to use as constraints? I read something about Javascript / Forms 2.0 / adding custom HTML to try and do this, but not sure if it's possible.


Thanks so much for anyone's help!