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    Webpages with Munchkin code

    Ravi Kiran Reddi Reddi


      We have munchkin code placed on all our pages.

      In our reports page, we have a lightbox Marketo form when the user submits the data they are routed to the respective PDF file. We are using the same form for all our reports.

      The routing to PDF file was not done through Marketo but it is done through the HTML code on the webpage.

      I am not able to find which report the user downloaded, any suggestions on how we can get the information on which report the user downloaded.



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          Sanford Whiteman

          In order for an event to be logged by Munchkin, one of the following needs to be true:


          • the event is a standard browser pageview of an HTML document, and that doc loads the Munchkin JS library (i.e. the current doc is not a binary asset like a PDF, which cannot itself load JS)
          • the event is a clicked link in an HTML document, and the link either has target=_blank or is the first link clicked on the page
          • the event is a synthetic (fake) Visit Web Page or Click Link event, deliberately triggered via the Munchkin JS API


          Simply redirecting the current page, using document.location.href or similar, to a binary asset will not generate a Munchkin log entry.

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