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[Accounts Tip] Company Name Mismatch

Discussion created by Paul Wilson Employee on Dec 15, 2017
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Hello MS Dynamics users!


Dan Stevens. brought to my attention this morning a scenario that I had, till now, been unaware of that is important for you to know about. What Dan encountered were records in Marketo that had different Company Name values from the Account Name value stored in MSD. This can cause issues particularly if you have smart lists that look at Company Name in Marketo. For some background I want to show you how the data architecture works in Marketo and how it relates with MSD.


MS Lead Record - a Lead from MSD and its related Marketo record:

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 12.16.12 PM.png

In this relationship any change made to the Company Name field on either record would be conveyed to the related record on the other platform (assuming no security controls in MSD or blocked field updates in Marketo, and no sync filter preventing the update).


MS Contact Record - a Contact and Account from MSD and its related Marketo records:

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 12.39.40 PM.png

** Important to note here ** When a record is a Contact in MSD there is a table in Marketo called Company. This table is related to the Account from MSD and is used for data points like Company Name, Billing Address, Website etc. for the Marketo person records that relate to it. This is an important point to understand: any Marketo person records related to the same Account in MSD because they are Contacts on that Account share the same Company record in Marketo.


In the scenario identified by Dan Stevens. where the Company Name in Marketo did not match the Account Name in MSD that can occur when the Company Name value in Marketo is updated (by a form completion, import, or API call) on ANY of the related Marketo records. That means that if there are 30 Marketo person records related to the Company record they will all have a new Company Name value on their Company Info tab in Marketo. In addition you will see a mismatch between the Company Name seen on the 30 records in Marketo and the Account Name value in MSD. The only way to force a sync that corrects this from the MSD side is to update the Account Name value on the Account.


Change to Company Name on Marketo Record - through a form completion one record changes the Company Name for multiple records

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 12.39.05 PM.png

In the above scenario 2 important things occur: a change that should be isolated to a single record impacts multiple records, and a mismatch on Company Name between Marketo and MSD is created.


How to Prevent

For now I see the only way to prevent this scenario for occurring is to block ANY updates by Marketo on the Company field once it is set. Updates from MSD should be allowed, but none by Marketo. The implication is that the Company value for ALL Marketo records regardless of whether or not they are related to a MSD record becomes a set once on the Marketo side of the equation.


If you have other suggestions please share them here!


Paul Wilson