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Alternatives to Sales Insight / ToutApp for activities in SFDC

Question asked by Grant Booth on Dec 14, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by Chelsea Kiko

Hi everyone,

We're exploring alternatives to using Sales Insight for displaying activity data in Salesforce. Note I'm only talking about activity data, not the other functions of Sales Insight like sending sales emails or adding people to Marketo campaigns. That is, we're *just* concerned about populating email activity, web page visits, and form fillouts so our reps can see recent activity.
I'm aware of the activity sync in Admin > Salesforce, which creates completed tasks in SFDC, but can't really rely on it for email activity and page visits because it slows down the Marketo sync too much.


If someone knows of a feasible alternative for this, it would be much appreciated.
Or, if you have experience with some APEX code to pull and display the data using Marketo's REST API, that would also be much appreciated.