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passing page referral source into report?

Question asked by Charles Sanderson on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by Sanford Whiteman

I don't handle the reporting piece so much, so I'm not sure on this one:  If a form is on several landing pages within a program, can we & how do we show which landing page the form was completed on (or referral source) in a report or smart list? There could be multiple submissions, so we don't want to use a field in the lead's database entry, fearing we'd lose data because it gets overwritten each time they complete that form.


The program set-up, in case it helps:

We have a LinkedIn campaign with ads that people click through to a Marketo landing page promoting an asset (white paper, webinar, etc), with a couple parameters passed in the URL. This landing page has a form that pulls those parameters into the lead's corresponding fields (last requested asset, asset type) via hidden form fields.


Once they've filled out the form, an auto reply email goes to the lead, with the asset link (using those lead fields that were filled by the passed URL parameters)


After a few weeks, we add a new landing page within the Marketo Program ( to correspond to a new Linkedin ad). It contains the same form as all the other landing pages,  triggering the same auto-reply.


I hope I explained that well enough!