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Pagination issues with some endpoints

Question asked by 6b683481a37b5d069fc55c39ee57bf12d72f8d34 on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by bab7aa7b4cd5eefd1bf1dfec68aa9f6f08e1acf2

We are having issues with the pagination using some endpoints, regarding the documentation the API should return the property “moreResult” which indicates if there are more results in subsequent pages.


In these endpoints the “moreResult” property is not coming:


  • /rest/v1/lists.json
  • /rest/v1/lists/{LIST_ID}/leads.json
  • /rest/v1/leads/programs/{PROGRAM_ID}.json
  • /rest/v1/campaigns.json






    "requestId": "f9fc#1605b4c5a14",

    "result": [


            "id": 1001,

            "name": "Tradeshow1",

            "workspaceName": "Default",

            "createdAt": "2015-11-15T20:03:16Z",

            "updatedAt": "2016-12-28T20:17:17Z"






    "success": true,

    "nextPageToken": "TMXXXAWSCCSRDRWQZ33VCJOFXI======"



I think the "nextPAgeToken" property is not reliable to determine if are more results.


Any idea? What can we do?


Thanks in advance,