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Your experience with Marketing cloud or Pardot?

Question asked by Huihsing Kiang on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by Chris Johnston

Hi all,


A couple of branches of the same parent company is planning for the SFDC integration. Of course, we'll also need to come out one Marketing automation solution.

Currently, there are Marketing Cloud, Pardot, and Marketo on the table. Each of my counterpart favors their own solution - just like I love Marketo. I did some researches and also have evaluated some other marketing automation tools before. I believe Marketo excels when talking about lead scoring, trigger campaign, ABM, editors, and cloning, etc.


I'd like to come out a good strategy to make the Marketo the final contestant. If you have the experience to use Pardot or Marketing cloud before. I'll highly appreciate it if you can share your experience and your thoughts.


Thanks a lot!