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Email script tokens in campaigns triggered by an API

Question asked by c33c718812f30a083be913fcfaa9721ec34b3d80 on Dec 14, 2017
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I have an email campaign that is triggered by a Web Service API:


The email contains a number of tokens, the values of which are set by the API. Because the values are set by the API, we were told by Marketo customer support that these tokens need to be Rich Text tokens. They are. And that part is working just fine.


However, I would like to add other tokens, whose values are NOT set by the API, to the same email. These tokens would need to be Email Script tokens, because I need to add some logic. I've tried a few tests and can't get any Email Script tokens to work. (I'm trying to insert an image based on the value of a database field)


Am I doing something wrong? Is this not even possible, since the campaign is being triggered by the API call? If it's not possible with tokens, is there another way I can accomplish what I'm trying to do? Any suggestions appreciated!