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Manage alerts using smart/trigger campaigns

Question asked by Santhosh Durairaj on Dec 12, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by Emily Hesley

Hi there,

We have our own custom score calculation, every day our custom score field will be altered and an internal notification will be triggered to sales, I set up the program. What's really challenging is How do I trigger only one alert based on two different people scores. So that one alert knows the other one is triggered hence the next alert is not sent.


See the below example,

Person A - Score(-200) - Score is nearing 0 (-200)

Person B - Score 0 - Score is Zero


We currently have two alerts, Alert-1 - Person A score is nearing Zero and Person B - Score is Zero

Currently both the alerts are triggered, one doesn't know another one is triggered. Ideally if a person reached a score of Zero we don’t want to be notified by Alert-1 (Person A score is nearing Zero). If there is no records with score Zero and a record with Score -200 we need only Alert-1.

Person Name and Score



Person - A Score is -200 (Lesser than 0)

Day - 1

Alert - 1

Score is nearing 0

Person - A Score is -200 (Lesser than 0)

Person - B Score is 0

Day - 2

Alert - 2 (We have a record with score 0, don't send the alert 1)

Any idea how do we handle this in Marketo?