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How to Get Contact-Opportunity Relationships in Dynamics to Sync to Marketo?

Question asked by Adam Monago on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by John M

Hi Gang,

We are in the process of testing our Dynamics 365 sync to Marketo in our Sandbox. 


We were pleasantly surprised to find that our Contact-Opportunity relationships previously managed as Dynamics Connections sync'ed with no additional effort. From what we can deduce, Marketo will sync any contacts associated to the opportunity via a connection of "connection role category" = "external".  Yay!


What we cannot figure out is this:


We were hoping to put a primary contact relationship on the Opportunity itself.  If we create a contact relationship on the opportunity record via a lookup field to the contact object and update this value, it does not get sync'ed to Marketo.


We followed our consultant's advice and looked at any contacts that synced where "Has Opportunity" equals True, but all of these are associated as Connections.


Does anyone have any guidance on how the association should be set up within Dynamics 365 to allow this to work?


Thank you,