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    Marketo app linking to badge printers

    Bethan Anderson

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      Hi Everybody


      I was wondering if anybody had tried to link the Marketo app to a badge printer?

      We're looking at if we can use the app in conjunction with a Bluetooth badge printer (or if we need a different bit of software) at events for those 'extras' that always seem to show up.





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          Gerard Donnelly

          Hi Bethan Anderson,


          I don't think there is an integration for this. I recently ran registration at an event with lots of last minute walk ups.  What we did was have a separate desk for walk ups with two staff manning it. One had the app opened on an iPad and the other had a laptop connected to a badge printer.  As the person called their details out to the staff member who entered it into the app the other staff member printed out their badge and stuck it to the lanyard for them.  This kept the process smooth and flowing for us. 





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            Bethan Anderson

            Thanks Gerard, I had a feeling that would be the case

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              Vik Kailash

              Hi Bethan.


              Their is no direct badge printing capability via Marketo. I have use BOOMSET in the past to keep a track on



              2.Real time badge printing.

              3.Post event Analysis


              Boomset is not integrate with Marketo, but once the event has ended ,the process i have adopted is that i upload a lead list  in marketo with an activity log as "Attended event XYZ". This way every activity of the lead is recorder.


              Also to clarify I use Marketo forms in a landing page to capture registrations.


              Hope  this info helps.


              Thank you,