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How to apply webhooks to pull lead email address from a form that does not require an email field to be in the form?

Question asked by 4635fcc3c8298544c10f835750a9367e30dca993 on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2017 by Sanford Whiteman

I have an email with an unsubscribe button from a specific newsletter we have (Nursing Center eNewsletter - NCeNews) and have the following form that will be filled out which is triggered by a smart campaign. We need to have the lead email address pulled from this form, however, there is no email field that needs to be filled out. This is the form and below this is the MKT_TOK in that URL you see after the email address is pulled with that string of code:


Here is the smart campaign set up:


I've set up the webhook via Admin section here:



Can you please let me know if I set this webhook right in order to pull the lead email address in our results/records. It cannot pull this data that I've set up as a token in the URL of the form once they've clicked on "Unsubscribed" in the Newsletter email they receive. If the webhook is not a solution for pulling this data in the records/results, please advise if there is a better methodology to have the lead email address to be captured.