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    how does campaign name display

      when using "campaign name" contains as a filter, does it also contain the program name as part of the name?


      Ex. Program Name: TS 2017-10-31 ABC Halloween Show

            Smart Campaign - Filled out form


      Does the Campaign Name include TS 2017-10-31 ABC Halloween  Show.Filled out form?

      i.e. Can I use Campaign Name includes "ABC Halloween" as a filter in my behavior scoring campaign?


      My other problem I am running into, is that it appears there was some inconsistency in classifying a Program Trade Show vs Live Event?  So this will make things quite difficult when it comes to scoring.  Can I go back and change the channel after the fact?  or will that really mess things up?

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          Sydney Mulligan

          Anytime you reference a Smart Campaign that is a local asset of a program, it will need to be prepended with the program name.


          You can change the channel after the fact, but it is a pain. You have to remove all references to program status in the program (Flow steps, smart lists, etc.), change the channel, then put them all back. You cannot do this if you already have members of the program - you have to add members to static lists for each status, remove everyone from the program, change the channel, then re-add everyone to the correct statuses. If you are using RCE, you will also need to change their "Success Date" for accurate opportunity influence reporting. Also, be wary of any other "program status changed" triggers you have running.

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