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how does campaign name display

Question asked by fd78eb3928f49fe0dc326cbfdb89590a10b4ef6b on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by Sydney Mulligan

when using "campaign name" contains as a filter, does it also contain the program name as part of the name?


Ex. Program Name: TS 2017-10-31 ABC Halloween Show

      Smart Campaign - Filled out form


Does the Campaign Name include TS 2017-10-31 ABC Halloween  Show.Filled out form?

i.e. Can I use Campaign Name includes "ABC Halloween" as a filter in my behavior scoring campaign?


My other problem I am running into, is that it appears there was some inconsistency in classifying a Program Trade Show vs Live Event?  So this will make things quite difficult when it comes to scoring.  Can I go back and change the channel after the fact?  or will that really mess things up?