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Dressember - Fighting for freedom and dignity for all

Discussion created by Becky Miner on Dec 8, 2017

Hi, Philly MUG! Great meeting yesterday.  I always enjoy hearing how others are using Marketo, and what struggles and successes everyone is experiencing.


You may have noticed I was in a dress yesterday with a special button on the front. I am fortunate to work in an office environment that gives me the freedom to wear whatever I want to work, including jeans, every day. I LOVE my jeans! But for the month of December, I am packing my jeans away and wearing only dresses EVERYDAY (including Saturdays) to raise awareness for modern day slavery and to fight human trafficking. (If you want proof that I'm wearing a dress everyday, you can see the daily dresses here: Dressember 2017 - Google Photos )


You may have seen on the news recently that men are being sold at slave auctions in Lybia, children are forced to do unspeakable things in front of a camera, and young girls here in the States are kidnapped and forced into prostitution. I am not a lawyer, or a law enforcement official, or a politician, but I can raise awareness and support for those who have no voice. I can help fight for their dignity and freedom.


Dressember is a movement of women and men raising funds for organizations who are pivotal in combating human trafficking and slavery. Proceeds will go to organizations such as International Justice Mission and A21. I am a part of a team whose goal is to fund 10 rescue operations. My goal is a small part of that. Please consider donating to help speak for those who cannot.


You can donate here: Dressember 2017


Thank you for your consideration and support!


Becky Miner