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Will Program Performance Report Pick Up Operational Programs?

Question asked by Troy Larson on Dec 8, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by Josh Hill

Hey everyone,


Quick question for you all: Will the Program Performance Report pick up and report on Operational Programs. I was thinking about using them as a way to "roll up" all the events we do at a trade show. That way we'd have an operational "master" program that would show us the number of people we touched across the various events at a trade show. I figured that this would be a good example to use an operational program because I'm just looking to mark people as "members" and add in the cost, so I can see at a higher level the total number of people we interacted with and the cost associated with that. 


Curious though if I'll be able to see the same reporting that I would for a "Trade Show" or "Live" event program in the Program Performance Report. Any one tried this before?