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GDRP, Sales Imported Leads, and Salesforce Sync

Question asked by Erik Eaton on Dec 8, 2017
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Im hoping to gain some insight in to how other Marketo admins are bracing for GDRP compliance.


We currently have a complete two way sync between Marketo and Salesforce for leads from all sources, including sales imported leads from prospecting tools.


I have recently staged our double-optin process and set up some streams to reflect new subscription roles.


I am leaning towards not enabling sales imported leads to sync into Marketo until they fill out a form on the website. We currently have customers/leads from all over the world and I would hate for a sales imported leads from double-optin country to receive their confirmation email / double opt-in email.


I could just filter out the sales leads from the double opt-in process, but this negates the purpose of having a double opt-in center.


Any insight on this would be great!


Thank you,