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Paid Ad Attribution on Mobile

Question asked by a8c9ff5de1784e58ca5a33f59fb7420d578e240d on Dec 8, 2017

I am looking to populate Source (Original and Person) data for leads coming through our mobile app. We house our lead data within Marketo and want to attribute specific leads to the source they came from. Within the app, we have a form for account creation that can capture UTM parameters.


Context of the Users Flow:


Paid Ads for Example - Facebook Mobile Install Ad > App/Play Store Product Page > App Installation > Account Creation In App


What is the best way to pass this source information from the source to the in-app form and finally into Marketo?


Deep links?

Other tools?

UTM Parameters? (How do they get passed through each step? I don't believe the App or Play Store pass the parameters through an install)


Thank you!