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Custom Objects: Doing it wrong?

Question asked by 3b4a23fd8b37273748f3c4de8861c39effc1307a on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by Sanford Whiteman

We've hit a bit of a sticking point in our final pieces of tech integration with custom objects and the API.


In short, we're looking to manage our leads for smart list in different Nurture campaigns. Our end goal is to achieve some structure such as the following


Marketo Person <--- SW User (a user in our system) <--- Accounts (accounts a user can be an owner of) <---Campaigns (1 or more products in an account)


another way to look at it is a User has at least one account and that account has at least one campaign (one of our products) in it
Marketo Person
     Sw User (user in our system)
            Accounts ( accounts users can be apart of)
                  Campaigns (one or more of our products in an account)


However, I'm not seeing a way of going 3 levels deep in these objects. Is the above chain able to be linked? I've tried numerous ways to publish the edge objects, and use 2 link fields in the bridge, but I'm always left with one object out, or the error trying to link the campaign object last (Need link field links to standard object (Lead, Company) for approve.).


If the above is not achievable (Marketo lead <-- Custom object 1 <--- Custom Object 2 <--- Custom Object 3), our second thought was to implement custom fields in the Marketo person (standard object) that we'd have used otherwise in our Custom object 1 (user in our system).


That means our chain would be doable as Marketo Person <--- Accounts --> Campaigns.


Any thoughts or answers are much appreciated.