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Updating a lead using REST API which has duplicates (multiple leads with the same email address)

Question asked by c1548e75d22cd86b6ce0506327df14e12af6db5c on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by Steven Vanderberg

I am trying to update leads in Marketo, via REST API, and getting weird behavior. Here are my observations

1- Leads having duplicates (multiple leads with the same email address) are not getting updated. Also verified that NO new version of the contact is being created (with the data pushed via REST API).

2- Unique leads (no other lead exists with same email in the leads database) are updated without any issue.

3- If i merge duplicate leads (#1), merged lead is updated successfully via REST API.


My question is,

Is it expected behavior of Marketo? If so, how can i make the update (via REST API) working, without merging these duplicate leads?