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What field is best to use to filter out Marketo-Only leads and not SFDC-synced ones?

Question asked by Danielle Chan on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by Danielle Chan

When I run my campaigns, I only want SFDC synced leads to be added to a SFDC Campaign if they open, click, fill out form. If they are Marketo-only leads, I only want them synced to the campaign if they fill out a form.


I tried using the SFDC Type (person) is NOT EMPTY as criteria to achieve this, but it seems that there are Marketo-only leads that have been synced to SFDC in the past, but deleted from SFDC afterwards, and their SFDC type still stays as "lead" in Marketo. So they are not being properly excluded.


I'm wondering if there is another field I can base the criteria on that would work even if the lead was previously synced to SFDC and then removed to become a Marketo-only lead.


Thanks in advance.