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    Lead lifecycle

    Candace McCutcheon

      Does a person have to move through each stage of the lead lifecycle/revenue model from the beginning or can they enter in the middle and still be processed through? For example, the first stage of our lifecycle and revenue model is known and once a person is created they run through this campaign/revenue stage. However, if they are a contact, they skip the known campaign/revenue stage and enter in at the second stage which is converted. We have struggled with accurate reporting on our lead lifecycle and I'm trying to see if this is the issue.

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          Sydney Mulligan

          Hi Candace!


          Your lead lifecycle can be totally customized however you'd like it to be. The way I have seen lead lifecycles formatted in the past is exactly how you describe, there's a routing campaign that ***** a lead's qualifications and sorts them into the correct status from the start - they won't flow through earlier stages in the funnel. That is pretty standard practice. If it is very important that all of your leads flow through Known first, you can certainly set it up that way, but I think that might falsely inflate your conversion numbers - those people aren't truly being "converted" to a new stage by your marketing efforts, they're just automatically being pushed through based on their original criteria. It could also make your time to convert numbers look really funky and set a pretty unfair benchmark for your team with so many outliers dragging down the mean conversion time!


          Hope that helps!


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