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SurveyMonkey & Marketo for satisfaction surveys

Question asked by Vincent Feruglio on Dec 6, 2017
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We would like to measure the satisfaction of our webinars and events.


We use GoToWebinar and we have a SurveyMonkey « avantage » subscription. I read in the Community that the integration cost of SurveyMonkey could be expensive (5-10 K$). Do you confirm ?


If we just use the survey of GoToWebinar at the end of the webinar, we think we will have a better response rate than to send an email with Marketo after the webinar, but it will be more difficult to manage the responses.


Is it possible to integrate a customized link (for each person) to the survey and keep the responses in SurveyMonkey ?


Do you recommend to integrate the responses in Marketo ? If yes, how does it work ? Is there a creation of new fields for each survey ?


Thank you.