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    Adding a timestamp to a preference centre change log - timezone problems!!

    Gary Verster

      Hi everyone,


      In preparation for GDPR next year, I'm trying to create a text field that will capture every change that our users make on our preference centre, including a timestamp.


      I've already created the preference opt-ins and the timestamps - these are all pretty much working as I'd like. But in the trigger campaign that writes the [timestamp + preference change] to the change log, the timestamp gets changed, even though the timestamp field itself is correctly populated.


      Here is the flow for the smart campaign concerned:


      (I've already worked out that Marketo doesn't like adding a boolean as a token in Step 2, hence the 'choice' approach).


      I've tried adding the {{system.dateTime}} token to the Change Log instead, but the result is the same. I assume this is something to do with timezones?


      Anyone have any ideas?