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Marketo Smart campaigns : Filters Or Triggers ?!

Question asked by f891afab9ebed1c4b99a3e7403f1b428b5b67fb7 on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2017 by Lauren Aquilino

Hi Smart people


I need some help here please.


I have created a smart campaign, smart list (within the campaign ) and flow.

Marketo   All Nurture Audience  Smart List  • Marketing Activities.png


As you see, I am using filters and not triggers and there are about 2k members in the campaign. I have noticed that there are no new members are added to the campaign even though the filters apply to them . Does this mean that using "Filters" will add members who qualified in the past (before the time of creating the campaign) but not any future qualified members ?! if yes, shall I user trigger instead ?!


it is a bit confusing :/ do you happen to know any trick to add qualified members to this campaign without using filters ?!


I hope my explanation was not very confusing and look forward to some answers thanks in advance