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    Adding a person to an email blast

      Hi everyone.  Our CEO has requested to be added to all email blasts that are sent to prospects.  Any idea how to do this?  In the SMART LIST, I added "Full Name equals..", however, when I click to view the leads in the campaign, there are none.  If I take that restriction off, I see a bunch of qualified leads.  Any ideas?  Thanks.
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          Full Name is an actual field in the database.  Do you have it filled out with your CEO's name?  You can also use email address as your smart list filter. 
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            Dory Viscogliosi
            Hi Susan, have you confirmed that you're using the right filters? What I would probably do is set up the filters exactly as you want them (without your CEO), then switch it to custom filters, put parentheses around the entire statement, and then outside of the parenthesis put OR [next unused filter #]. Then I'd add a filter at the very bottom of your list that says "email adress is [CEO's email address]". Once this is completed, you'll be saying "send to people who meet this critera, OR this email address". What's probably happening right now is that you're saying that ALL of the criteria have to be met (uses AND statements). 

            This would be my preference for a couple of reasons... your CEO probably has a unique name, but what if someone else enters who has the same name? Then you'd send that person all of the communication that your prospects receive. Also, this is the easiest way to set up a mailing with multiple criteria and one distinct criteria. 
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              In general, I have a staff list that I includ in all outbound campaigns. I then add a "Member of List" filter in the smart list, in addition to any other selection criteria.  This could include not only your CEO, but  the management team, sales team, and any test email addresses.  

              If your CEO is the only person that has to be added to email campaigns, I would agree with Cheryl that you should use an "email address equals" filter as opposed to full name.   That way you won't accidently include other people who share your CEO's name.  Email address is unique, but many people can have the same Full Name.
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                Thanks to all for your help.  I like the idea of creating a staff list.  I created a Smart List with names/email address of our sales team.  Then I used the following filters in the Smart List:
                1) Member of List is...
                2) Job Title is Vice President

                Now, when I click on "View Members", I only see 1 person (because the VP of Sales is in list #1).  What I'm trying to do is say:
                1) Send this email to everyone in My List  (#1 above) AND
                2) Send the email to everyone with the title Vice President.

                It seems like I can do one or the other, but not both.  There has to be a way.
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                  Hello all.  I figured it out.  Dori was right, Marketo was using the ALL filter which uses AND statements, when I needed it to use the ANY filter, uses OR statements.  Thanks to all that responded.  You all provided great advice.