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Interested in benchmarking yourself against your B2B Marketing peers?

Question asked by 1a0ed6077e01c44eac7756e7723805f3aec2f56a Employee on Dec 1, 2017
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Interested in how your peer B2B marketers are using their marketing automation? How are they building segment strategies?  What’s the mix between inbound and outbound? Is sales and marketing alignment getting any better?   


Forrester’s Lori Wizdo, VP& Principal Analyst  is conducting benchmark research on the practice of B2B marketing and we’d be delighted if you could take part in this survey by December 8th.


In exchange for your time, Forrester will share a summary of the results.


None of the data you share will be specifically attributed to you or your company.  However, Forrester will aggregate your confidential responses along with other responses to come up with the average benchmark results.

Take the survey here: