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    Webinar services and benefits/Disadvantage

    Kulsoom Hassan


      We are trying to implement a webinar service. There seems to be a number of different webinar service providers that Marketo integrates with. Please can someone provide me with an understanding of which of the following webinar service I should go for an why? - which works best with Marketo?, and the benefits/disadvantages that exist for each provider?


      Webex, Adobe Connect, ON24, ReadyTalk, Bright Talk, GoTo Webinar.


      Many thanks


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          Chris Saporito



          On24 is what we use and we really like using it. Annually we put on about 125-150 live and recorded webinars. One of the benefits of using On24 is the integration with Marketo. We use Marketo as a means of registrations which is very simple to set up for each webinar. By using Marketo we have control of the process and triggered actions through the registration process, pre-webinar and post-webinar. Of course, all of this information passes over to SFDC as well. Through On24 you are able to customize the webinar layout with your logos/color scheme. Overall, these ease of use one the integration is in place is pretty seamless. Set up a program template in Marketo and simple use tokens to control landing pages, emails, flows, etc. for each of your webinars. Very happy with On24.



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            Matjaž Jaušovec

            Hi Kulsoom,


            We are using Webex and we are satisfied with it. The basic integration with Marketo is easy to set up, also registration management works well out of the box. The service also provides some additional statistic (attention etc.) that don't synch into Marketo, but that's not such an issue in our case.


            Also from users we have a positive feedback - its intuitive, there is also a mobile app, an the overall sound/video quality is good.


            We are an SMB company, running approximately 20-30 webinars per year.



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              Kulsoom Hassan

              Thank you for your replies. Much appreciated.

              I think I didn't state clearly, but I am looking for a comparison of the different service providers in order to decide on which service provider to go for.

              So if anyone knows - would really appreciate your feedback.