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Question asked by Raven McFarlane on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by Raven McFarlane

Hi guys,


My manager is looking to get a weekly email report. In this report he wants to see high level email metrics for any email sent in the previous week. We 99% of the time, we're using email programs for this, not smart campaigns + email assets.


I created an email performance report when I realized, I'd have to go in a select certain emails. Meaning, I'd need to do this once a week and know which emails have been sent. I want to automate it a bit more. Anyone have any quick wins for this one?


I was thinking when the email campaign is being set up, we could create a report as a local asset to the email program, and then have it sent to him weekly, but then that'd be one report for each email send and that isn't what he's hoping for. Which is the great part here - hoping for. He's open to other solutions & I'm still learning my way around reports, so any advice from some advance reporters would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks community!