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    Dynamics 365/Marketo Integration

    Sari Hegewald

      Our CRM team has been trying to integrate Marketo with our Dynamics 365 CRM.  We've been told by Marketo that 365 is new to them and are still learning this roll out.  Does anyone else have 365 and integrated Marketo?  If so, how did the integration go?  Are there any tips we should know about to make the integration work?

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          Dan Stevens

          I'm surprised that Marketo is telling you this.  Their connector should fully support Dynamics 365.  We're on 365 - and have been for almost a year now.  The main issue that we've been dealing with is having new/updated CRM users (members of marketing/sales) sync over to Marketo.  That's not happening for us.  We have to manually resync the user entity to ensure all relevant users are available in Marketo (e.g., lead assignment, sending of real-time alerts, etc.).


          As an FYI, we initially integrated with Marketo and Dynamics 2011 online back in 2013.

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