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Best way to score lead on activities taken prior to becoming known lead

Question asked by 7beea51dd0acbb19bb6f5636d00a140eb725afb6 on Nov 29, 2017
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I have a question that I personally feel is easy in theory, but tricky to execute comprehensively. I want to be able to give lead credits for activities they've taken prior to becoming a known lead. Here's a scenario:



Let's say a person gets +5 score every time they visit a product page, with a run through program 10 times a day limit)

January 15: someone searches for a product in google and lands on a product page on our website. They seem take a look at about 5 more pages on our website before exiting. January 20: the same person returns to our website, this time, they fills out a form on our website, resulting them to become a known lead. From this point on, scoring is easy! BUT I do want to also give score for the engagement they've taken prior to filling out the form and becoming a known lead.


What's the best way to do this? I know it should be a combination of using a trigger to indicate a new name is added and a filter that looks at "viewed page in the past". But how do I account for both giving score for multiple page views as well as the daily limits, if I'm using a filter to account for past actions?