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Advice on using Marketo's wysiwyg editor

Question asked by Benjamin Hoopes on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by Dave Roberts

We've run into a number of issues with their wysiwyg and I'm "hopeful" that Marketo has a planned update to make it at least as useful as MailChimp or Constant Contact's.


A few problems we've encountered and I've read up on a number of threads around these subjects, but maybe someone has a different workaround.


1. Spaces before links. I've read about changing from <div> to <p> tags, and vice versa, within the admin section. It appears to work some of the time. We are coming from a much simpler solution, MailChimp, and never encountered additional spaces before any links. The people that work on our emails are more content savvy than they are ready to look "under the hood."


2. Copying/Pasting from other solutions. This one is really weird. We often need to be able to copy/paste from another solution, such as Word or even our website, but Marketo apparently doesn't like this idea. Our typical process is copy from website, place into Word, and then paste into Marketo and adjust to single spacing. MailChimp has a Word option in it's wysiwyg.


Any recommendations on how to fix/improve or knowledge of any incoming updates?