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Extracting First Name and Last Name from Full Name

Question asked by f3aeb9e180314250bffd21750301351e7010be29 on Nov 28, 2017
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Is it possible to extract first and last name from Full name?

Our website form (connected to CRM) is an external form with Contact name field for the first and last name sync the contact name to last name field in salesforce so rep has to go in SFDC and change the name to first and last name manually. Now we have embedded form for newsletter sign up(MKTO embedded form) on the 4th step of the website form filled.

So the problem is when the rep changes the name manually to first and last name then if the contact checkbox the newsletter sign up or sign up for newsletter from the website homepage( Newsletter Subscription ) then marketo sync change the first name and last name back to last name.


I hope I am able to explain the issue. Is there any trigger or any flowstep I can write so that Marketo syc not able to change the salesforce first and last name?