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    Updating status of a converted lead

    Brienne Edmonds

      I want to know how to automatically update a new lead record for when converted leads or contacts reraise their hand for more info on a product.  Or if there is a way to put a New Lead status on a conact so that it appears in sales' lead view that would work. Any ideas? Much appreciated!

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          Liz Medeiros

          Hi Brienne,

          Sounds like you are talking about post-MQL contacts or when contacts bubble back up from recycle status. Couple of ideas:

          • Add lead score and/or lead rating fields to contacts views and page layouts in SFDC
          • Create a custom field for status that maps leads and contact statuses in SFDC - so the status continues on to the contact after the lead has been converted
          • Create a task assigned to the sales owner with details about the hand-raise activity
          • If you have Sales Insight, expose the Urgency and Relative Score fields (the stars and flames) in contact views your sales team is using
          • A really cool feature of Sales Insight is that your sales team can get RSS updates of the Lead Feed - that way they can get real-time alerts of interesting moments for leads/contacts they own or added to their watch lists. (Note: you have to enable RSS for Sales Insight in the Admin section first)

          I'm sure others will chime in with ideas as well.