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    MSI vs. Sales Automation

    Brittney Zeller



      We want the Sales team to be able to send out template emails to prospects introducing them to a new product we are launching, but we want to be able to track the overall effectiveness of the emails as well.


      Do you suggest using MSI or a Sales Automation platform?  We have actually tested a Sales Automation platform before and really liked the capabilities.  The only problem I believe is that it does not integrated with Marketo, only SFDC. 




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          Gerard Donnelly

          Have you looked at ToutApp? https://www1.toutapp.com/ 


          Marketo bought over this company earlier this year and it is apparently on their roadmap to integrate the two.  ToutApp would be a lot better than MSI for giving the Sales team the ability to send emails. 

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            Valerie Whiting

            Hi Brittney,


            I've had experience using both, MSI and several sales automation tools (Outreach is my favorite one that I've worked with!). If you are looking for your team to just send a few ad hoc emails, I think sticking with MSI would be fine. But, as you have probably already experienced, using a Sales Automation tool, is a lot more robust and would set you and your team up to send a lot more effective sales campaigns. Although it didn't integrate directly with Marketo, we were able to get the information from it into Marketo through SFDC. We added a few additional fields to our systems to help track things like a Sales Comm status (thus allowing us to make sure we weren't also over emailing them in Marketo, but also not necessarily changing their overall lead status). We also made sure the Unsubscribe link was mapped to the Unsub field in Marketo, as we decided that was best for us, although not necessary.


            It was about a year ago that I worked with them, but they claimed they were working on an integration with Marketo, not sure if we will see that happen or not now that they bought Tout.


            Hope this helps!




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